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Zoom Whitening

A gleaming white smile is an essential part of looking and feeling your best. Over time, everyone’s teeth become stained or yellowed by the foods and beverages they consume, by using tobacco products, or simply from the natural aging process. To have the Hollywood-white smile you deserve, you need to see Dr. Kashfian, cosmetic dentist in Torrance. Dr. Kashfian is a Torrance Zoom whitening expert, and he can remove years of stains from your smile in just one office visit.

Zoom whitening is one of the most effective in-office whitening procedures available today. It was developed by the Philips company, one of the most trusted names in dental technologies. The process itself is simple. Zoom whitening works through the use of a powerful peroxide gel that penetrates the enamel of the teeth and lifts away stains.

Zoom Whitening Torrance

Dr. Kashfian, expert in Zoom whitening in Torrance, can perform this procedure in just one 45 minute office visit. First, he will cover your gums to protect them from becoming irritated by the peroxide gel. Then, he will apply the gel and shine a special LED light on your teeth to activate the gel. Once activated, the gel will penetrate your teeth and remove the discolorations and yellowing. Dr. Kashfian, will repeat this process twice more for a total of three 15-minute sessions. At the end of the process, your teeth will be up to 5 to 8 shades whiter.

Many patients have avoided seeking in-office teeth whitening because they have heard that these procedures can make the teeth more sensitive. This is often the case with other whitening systems. However, Dr. Kashfian, Torrance Zoom whitening expert, recommends Zoom whitening because it includes elements designed to protect your teeth from becoming more sensitive. In fact, many patients with sensitive teeth are able to use the Zoom system when no other whitening program has worked for them.

Call Dr. Kashfian, expert in Zoom whitening in Torrance, to schedule your Zoom whitening procedure. Dr. Kashfian will be glad to explain the procedure and answer any questions that you might have, as well as to help you get the whiter, more radiant smile you deserve.

Dr. Kashfian is offering Zoom whitening for $100 per one hour session.