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Dental Extraction

Dr. Kashfian, Torrance dental extraction expert, may recommend a dental extraction if the health of your tooth has been compromised by dental decay, trauma or gum disease. Although we can often restore damaged or decayed teeth using dental fillings or crowns, some teeth cannot be saved. In that case, they must be extracted to protect the health of the remaining teeth.

Dental extractions may also be needed if baby teeth do not fall out in time, if patients have extra teeth, impacted wisdom teeth or crowded teeth that are impeding treatment with orthodontics. In some cases, patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer may also benefit from dental extractions. If you are a candidate for a dental extraction, Dr. Kashfian, expert in dental extraction in Torrance, will help you explore your options for extraction and tooth restoration.

Dental Extraction Torrance

Dr. Kashfian, Torrance dental extraction expert, will often begin with a comprehensive oral evaluation and dental X-rays. We may also take a full medical and dental history. We will use this information to identify the positioning of your teeth to one another, to the sinuses and to the nerves and to identify any infections or other dental health conditions that may be present.

If necessary, we may also offer you sedation. Our expert in dental extraction in Torrance, Dr. Kashfian, offers inhaled and oral sedation, which can be easily administered and provide you with the comfort you need throughout the procedure. After your procedure, we will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. Whether you have had a simple extraction or a surgical extraction, proper aftercare can reduce your risk of complications.

You may be given antibiotics or pain medication. You may also need to use gauze to control the bleeding for the first few hours after your appointment. If you used oral sedation, we will request that someone else drive you home from your procedure. Ice packs can help reduce swelling while warm compresses can ease soreness after the bleeding has stopped. Gentle brushing and rinsing will help preserve the clot and facilitate the healing process.

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