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Different Options for Getting Whiter Teeth

Teeth whitening is an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment option. It can instantly brighten a smile, roll back the hands of time and create a youthful, more attractive overall appearance. Dr. Barry Kashfian, Torrance dentist, offers a variety of teeth whitening treatment options that can help you discover your best smile yet.

Some whitening products, such as whitening toothpastes, use abrasive ingredients to buff away superficial stains over time. Other teeth whitening treatments use peroxide to bleach stains that are in the enamel and the dentin. The effectiveness of some whitening products can vary significantly. Products with higher concentrations of peroxide tend to offer more significant whitening.

DIY whitening kits are popular and readily available, but they may not be right for all patients. These kits tend to contain low levels of peroxide and require repeated applications to lighten teeth just a few shades. They can increase the risk of post-whitening sensitivity and gum irritation. Professional whitening formulas are generally both safer and more effective.

Professional-strength whitening treatments use higher concentrations of peroxide that bleach away stains faster and more effectively. Because the procedures are supervised by our dentist, they also have a decreased risk of complications and irritation.

If you are suffering from coffee, tea, wine or tobacco stains on your teeth, you may be a candidate for one of our professional whitening treatments. Contact our dental office today to learn more about your teeth whitening options or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kashfian, expert in teeth whitening in Torrance.

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